SMA Type 1 spinal muscular atrophy affecting a Cute 6 month old baby  needs help

Amber Hambro has initiated a GoFundme account for her six month old baby Tucker Harris. This baby is confined to the hospital ICU from Feb 15, 2015. Help can be delivered online by reaching this link

At the moment, something like $8K have been donated by the community for this noble cause.

Tucker Harris with SMA type 1

Family: From (L to R) Nevaeh Harris, Amber Hambro, Justin Harris and newborn Tucker.

SMA type 1 – the family’s anguish

The parents write that they been in the Seattle’s kids hospital since Feb. 17th. The hospital has informed them that their baby is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1. This is one of the most important causes of death in babies. Almost about Eighty percent die before reaching even age of 1.  Hardly anyone with SMA type 1 can celebrate their second birthday. “We seek help for bills of medicine” says Amber Hambro the mother of the baby. These would be as important as prayers for the kid. Tucker’s father is absent from work due to this since this diagnosis was reported. The mental anguish of any parent whose small child is suffering from SMA type1 cannot be described in words.

SMA type 1 donation for help

The Parents thank all those who donate or desire to from their bottom of their heart!
Amber Hambro’s reason of worry is a disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA type 1) This is a genetic disorder which develops into muscle atrophy and muscle weakness on both sides symmetrically.  Type 1, SMA is more severe because of very weak muscles in chest and lungs. Just a normal cold can progress to pneumonia. And this could prove to be fatal. Respiratory functions are other cause of worry for Tucker.

Tucker Harris with SMA type 1

Tucker Harris on the BiPap machine while in Seattle Children’s Hospital.


The muscles are not strong enough to breathe on own in SMA type 1. The BiPAP machine has become mandatory for the poor baby to just perform the simple task of breathing that normal people like us just need no efforts at all.  This BiPAP machine is helping poor Tucker to inhale more amount of air into his weak lungs.

Megan Quale is a close acquaintance of this lovely family. She is trying to help in best way she can. She is urging the community and people like us to come forward to offer whatever money  possible at this critical time to Amber and Justin.

Free Will gift jars have been place up in local restaurants and social premises.

You can also help using the link
A special account in the name of Justin Harris to receive help has also been opened at Stockman Bank at Sidney.
Megan Quale and the family wishes to Thank all those who encouraged and helped since last month. You may even get in touch with her for more information at

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