Muscle Atrophy Research – $18000 for lying in bed

Too much Bed rest can result in Muscle atrophy.

It should be remembered that too much of inertia and resistance to movement can finally cause Muscle atrophy..

The reason of lack of movement could be laziness, sickness or disability. But the effect that they could have on your body could be irreversible.

Any type of exercise be it Yoga, gym muscle building or even simply brisk walking could help a lot in eliminating any possibility of Muscle Atrophy

The simple concept here is that muscles as if crave for resistance for their well being and strength. No resistance no strength as simple as that. Gravity is indeed God’s gift to stay away from atrophy. Most of our activity is performed against gravity. It needs strength and movement against it.

Muscle atrophy results in astronauts in space due to lack of gravity

Muscle atrophy results in astronauts in space due to lack of gravity

It has been found by researchers that even a week’s complete bed rest could result in a reduction of about 25% of muscle strength. This is true more for older and weak persons.

Muscle atrophy can be caused by too much bed rest.

Muscle atrophy can be caused by too much bed rest

Research and Science progress on Muscle atrophy

Round worms or C elegans could help answering questions related to muscle weakening caused due to lack of gravity faced by astronauts in space. NASA scientists as per are planning to carry out some interesting experiments on various International space stations to get to the core of this.

The study if conducted is also aimed at helping not only those in space but also on Earth in understanding the muscle atrophy mechanism and thereby the solutions. This was mentioned by said Julie Robinson, NASA’s Chief Scientist for the International Space Station Program Office.
The process would basically involve the space station staff members raising these C elegans in differing gravity levels. Change in muscle fibers resulting from this will be studied to find the core of muscle atrophy causes.

Similar study on muscle atrophy is also being carried out by Japan’s  JAXA Japanese Space agency. What the Japanese are interested in is genetics of these roundworms. They are in fact taking an approach of studying this behavior in different generations of round worms preserved by their scientists. Study is aimed at studying how life span, generation and varying gravity levels affect each other producing even better results for Muscle atrophy. They wish to check to see how these species adapt to the Space gravity levels from generation to generation.

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NASA tests for Muscle atrophy.

NASA is offering $18000 per three months ( 70 days to be exact) for just lying in bed and sleeping for three months for their study relating to Muscle atrophy.

One of the patient who was subjected to this study obviously felt extremely bored by the idle experience of three months. He had difficulty in standing, showed decrease in blood volume of about 20 %

This experiment on Muscle atrophy for the patient lead to the following observations in the participant when he first time attempted to stand for around 15 minutes

Skin irritation

Legs experiencing heightened blood flow.

Feeling like about to faint

Pulse rate going to around 150 BPMs that finally came down to 70 after around 10 minutes.

Feeling of extreme weakness that was natural.

This standing test after 70 days of lying horizontal for muscle atrophy analysis is very important to NASA because it simulates the conditions that an astronaut experiences when the spaceship comes in close proximity to Earth or Mars. This is the main thing that NASA worries as regards Muscle atrophy! Muscles are hardly used in Space micro gravity levels leading to muscle attrition.


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