Is it possible to prevent muscle atrophy ?

Muscle atrophy is a disorder in which the muscle mass gets to reduce as the muscles waste away gradually. In most cases, muscle atrophy is brought about as an after-effect of various chronic diseases or any other severe body conditions. In other cases, the reduction of muscle mass comes as a side-effect of taking certain types of drugs and especially those meant for chronic diseases. The condition is characterized by shrinking of the general body size, fatigue and weakness. The individuals suffering from muscle atrophy tend to exhibit a highly dormant nature not because they want to but because they are not in any position to go about the normal chores. They normally get too weak to do absolutely anything. The serious cases end up getting bedridden; it becomes a struggle to perform the simplest of tasks.

Preventing muscle atrophy is all about living healthy. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet. Eat food stuffs that will help build your body as well as give you enough energy to go about your day to day activities. In addition to this, it is important to exercise on a daily basis. This way, your body muscles will be active lowering the chances of suffering from muscle atrophy. Exercising also ensures that the body muscles are in good shape. This means you will be healthy and fit with a zero chance of muscle loss.

Generally speaking, the most effective way of preventing muscle atrophy is to live a healthy life. Adopt a health-based life and maintain it at all odds. This way, you will be in a good position to avoid suffering from muscle atrophy as well as a number of health disorders. If you are the type with a very tight work schedule, some small but healthy activities can also go a very long way in preventing muscle atrophy. Habits such as safe sex, no smoking and all sorts of drugs will help. Alternatively, try and make time in your schedule strictly for exercising. A visit to the gym for at least an hour a day is important. This way, you will maintain a healthy body. In order to compliment the exercise, include a healthy diet. Concentrate on balanced diets and drink enough water daily. A combination of the two will help you maintain a healthy body hence killing off any chances of suffering from muscle atrophy.


As for the elderly, going to the gym is obviously not much of an option. However, this does not mean you cannot exercise some light regimens daily. It might sound small but its effect is quite noticeable. Some light exercises will help you maintain an active nature. As a matter of fact, one should not necessarily visit the gym for such. You can easily perform some basic exercise routine at home. These exercises will help you maintain a proper muscle mass. For those already suffering from conditions that are likely to bring about atrophy of the muscles, the physician will prescribe supplements that will help avoid this from happening.


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